I really recommend to anyone that if you thinking about getting any pet(s) buy a book first & read up about there needs & care, so you will know up front if you really want the responsibility. It saves anyone a lot of trouble later on.

And my Adopted Birds are:
Olivia an Indian Ringneck,
Charlie a Gray Cockatiel,
Sunshine a Sun Conure.

Kiwi is the African Gray Congo he is 7 years old, I bought him at 8 weeks old and weaned him my self. I let him pick me out of a clutch of 5 Grays. At 6 Months he started to learn how to talk, since then he has a very large vocabulary and excellent Personality. Everyday he get's fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Cooked bird seeds with pasta & vitamins plus Kaytees Fiesta Parrot seeds with nuts. Kiwi gets to spend at least 5 Hours each day out of his cage. Now when I eat my dinner he always climbs down from his cage and has to see what I'm having, and if he likes some of my dinner as well and most the time he gets some of that too.

POLLY Is a Latino Cockatiel, Very sweet and a loving little bird, loves to set on my shoulder every chance he gets and gives Kisses when he want's his head scratched, then he makes all kinds of clicking sounds. Poly is 2 1/2 years old and was 12 weeks old when I got him. he only whistles so far but his personality is so sweet .I really recommend to buy any Bird directly from a Breeder and a close banded bird. There for you know the Bird has been domestically raised. Now my self I would not buy any animal that gets shipped in. First of all it's stressful for the animal And you can't see what you getting. Hope this information will help.

TINKER Is a 2 year old cat it's part Siamese and ? Tinker was a gift from my Son when I moved back here to NC. He is a striktly a house cat all fixed and has a happy home here. I could of never gotten a better behaved cat.Tinker is excellent with all the pets in the house, very playful.

Kiwi's owner past away and his wife couldn't handle Kiwi.

So a friend of mine got him & brought him to me and I have no problem , she is a very loving Bird and loves her new home

Olivia : Was a lost Indian Ringneck, it flew on my friends shoulder outside and she give it to me. She is very pretty and smart. She also is a good escape artist, figured out already how to open up her cage doors & some of the others birds as well.

Charly: He is a Gray Cockatiel, 11 Years old, and wistles the Andy Griffin them song about 3 times a day. The people that had Charly wasn't able to take care of him anymore so they gave him to me and he realy seems to enjoy his new home with all the other Birds. Everybody gets along great.

Sunshine: She Or He is a 10 week old Sunconure and has a personality to win your heart in a minute. Sunshine is down to one handfeeding a day now, plus she eat's seeds, fresh fruits & veggies everyday. Loves to cuddle & give Kisses. I recieve Sunshine from a lady that didn't have the time to take care of sunshine due to her Job & I was glad to get her(him)

Hope you enjoyed reading about my Pet's they all have a good and loving home.

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